Anne Salmond

Bligh : William Bligh in the South seas

University of California press

Berkeley, 2011
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Bligh : William Bligh in the South seas / Anne Salmond. - Berkeley : University of California press, 2011. - 528 p.-[16] p. of pl. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
ISBN 978-0-520-27056-5
DESCRIPTION : In Bligh, the story of the most notorious of all Pacific explorers is told through a new lens as a key episode in the history of the world, rather than simply of the West. Anne Salmond recounts with a fresh perspective the triumphs and disasters of William Bligh's life in a riveting narrative that for the first time portrays the Pacific islanders as players.

Beginning in 1777, when Bligh, at twenty-two, first arrived in Tahiti with Captain Cook, Salmond charts Bligh's three Pacific voyages — and tells how they transformed lives on the islands as well as on board the ships and back in Europe. She sheds new insight into the mutiny aboard the Bounty — and on Bligh's remarkable 3,000-mile journey across the Pacific in a small boat — through revelations from the raw, unguarded letters between him and his wife Betsy.

This beautifully told story reveals Bligh for the first time, as an important ethnographer adding to the paradoxical legacy of this famed seaman, and it captures more definitively than ever the excitement, drama, and terror of these events.

❙ Anne Salmond is Distinguished Professor of Maori Studies and Anthropology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Anne Salmond présente William Bligh avant son embarquement sur la Bounty, alors qu'il se formait à la navigation outre-mer sous l'autorité du capitaine Cook — durant le troisième voyage (1776-1779) marqué notamment par un séjour idyllique à Tahiti suivi d'une escale funeste aux îles Hawai'i.

Ce rappel historique éclaire la personnalité contrastée d'un marin expérimenté et, surtout, pose le cadre où se déroulera l'un des épisodes les plus célèbres de l'histoire maritime : le voyage de la Bounty, la mutinerie et ses conséquences (1787-1790). Ces événements ont mis en présence d'une part des insulaires du Pacifique, d'autre part des marins britanniques. Les uns et les autres apprennent alors à se connaître, fondent des espoirs ou nourrissent des craintes sur l'avenir de la rencontre, mêlent projets individuels et stratégies collectives.

Pour Anne Salmond, ce qui s'est joué à l'époque dans cette partie du monde est donc une histoire complexe, résultant d'interactions multiples, où les marins venus d'Europe partageaient les clés de l'action avec les insulaires.
EXCERPT … the tale of the mutiny on the Bounty and its aftermath is not just a Western story. At its heart, the historical and mythic trajectories of Britain and the South Seas intersect, transforming lives on the islands as well as on board the ships and back in Europe. This is an episode in the history of the world, not simply the history of the West ; and the Pacific protagonists were as real as their British counterparts, helping to shape what happened. If in its retelling, the islanders are marginalised, this is not adequate history (although it may be powerful mythography). Rather (…) the challenge is to work across disciplines and cultural traditions as far as possible in order to illuminate the full humanity of the past.

Introduction, The paradise of the world, p. 21
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