Thomas Hale

A Cuttyhunk chimera, or A mid-summer day's dream

Thomas Hale

Vineyard Haven (Mass.), 1992
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N.E. of America
A Cuttyhunk chimera, or A mid-summer day's dream / Thomas Hale. - Vineyard Haven (Mass.) : Thomas Hale, 1992. - 14-III p. ; 21 cm.
… it's quite an honor to be mistaken for a native on Cuttyhunk !

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Au sud-est d'un petit 
archipel, entre Martha's Vineyard et le continent, Cuttyhunk revendique sa place dans l'histoire, et d'abord celle de ses premiers occupants, les Indiens Wampanoag ; puis s'approchent les « découvreurs » venus d'Europe : Verrazano (1524), l'envoyé de François Ier, suivi de l'anglais Bartholomew Gosnold (1602).
Au fil des siècles le visage de l'île se recompose, des arbres naissent, d'autres disparaissent. La mer reste immuable, attrayante, parfois meurtrière comme en février 1893 (naufrage de l'Aquatic).
EXTRAIT Entering Cuttyhunk is always a pleasure and today was no exception. It was then about 12:30 and more boats were still leaving than were coming in so there were plenty of moorings still available. We always like to pick one up on the edge of the channel rather than to be in the middle of the fleet, and today we were lucky and found one near the head of the harbor. Anne passed a line through the thimble and brought it back aboard the boat, securing it to the bow cleat. I backed down gently and cut the engine. It was just one o'clock — 2 hours from Vineyard Haven and we had all afternoon, the night and the next day ahead of us. She and I have been coming to Cuttyhunk together for over 40 years and before that, as a youngster in the 1930s, I had many times sailed over from Padanaram with my family when Cuttyhunk was just a tiny collection of fishermen's homes with a smattering of summer people. Now, although there are still only a handful of year-round residents, it is relatively speaking a booming community in the summer. Yet with it all it has retained an undefinable charm, almost a magical quality, that acts to all intents as an addictive drug upon those who come here.

pp. 2-3
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