Linsey Lee

Vineyard voices : words, faces and voices of island people

Martha's Vineyard historical society

Edgartown (Mass.), 1998
bibliothèque insulaire
N.E. of America

parutions 1998

Vineyard voices : words, faces and voices of island people - excerpts from oral history interviews / conducted by Linsey Lee ; portraits by Linsey Lee and Mark Lennihan. - Edgartown (Mass.) : Martha's Vineyard historical society, 1998. - [n.p.] : ill. ; 31 cm.
ISBN 0-9665253-0-2
BUNCH OF GRAPES BOOKSTORE : « Vineyard Voices, Words, Faces and Voices of Island People » is a book of some 70 selected excerpts from interviews with Vineyard people conducted over the last 20 years by Vineyard oral historian Linsey Lee. The book presents a unique window on Vineyard history, and the black and white portraits by Ms. Lee and AP photographer Mark Lennihan provide a moving and highly-polished accompanment.

Against a backdrop of a fast-changing Vineyard, these stories bring the past alive and capture a way of life unchanged for centuries. In vivid recollections reflecting the character and cadence of the speaker, a picture is presented of lives and traditions tied to the soil and the sea - farmers, fishermen, whalers, boat builders. The quixotic and often divergent stories paint a real-life picture of independent and caring people — some thriving, some just surviving — in a self-reliant community frill of hardship and joy. It is a vivid chronicle of what is special about Martha's Vineyard, and what is in danger of being lost forever.

These are stories of shipwrecks, cutting ice from Island ponds, rum running, race relations, one-room schoolhouses, Wampanoag herbal cures, the role of women, the Gale of 1898, farming and fishing methods, whaling captains and whaling wives, Portuguese traditions, the first black church, summer visitors, and much more. The recollections are of Martha's Vineyard, but the themes are universal — family joys, struggle against adversity, courage, hard work, the predictible and unpredictable forces of nature.

Vineyard Voices is an eye-catching treasure trove of Vineyard memories, wisdom and humor and contains indispensible information about the Vineyard of yesterday and today. Each story is a unique thread in the rich tapestry of lives of the people who define the Vineyard.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will support the continued collecting of Vineyard oral histories, the work of the Vineyard Oral History Center and the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society.
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