Cyprian Broodbank

An island archaelogy of the early Cyclades

Cambridge university press

Cambridge, 2000
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parutions 2000

An island archaeology of the early Cyclades / Cyprian Broodbank. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 2000. - XVII-414 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
ISBN 0-521-78272-4
NOTE DE L'ÉDITEUR : This book uses comparative island archaeology to reinterpret a vital phase in early Aegean history. Cyprian Broodbank presents the first modern analysis of Cycladic culture, tracing the development of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age societies in these islands from first colonisation through to incorporation, three millennia later, in the world system of the Minoan palaces and the wider Near East.

The archaeology of this region is rich and well-documented, and allows Dr Broodbank to reformulate early Cycladic history and to deploy detailed examples that challenge established approaches to island archaeology. He shows that islanders can actively define their cultural space and environments, and that their communities are linked by complex relations to the non-insular world.

This book provides fresh perspectives and challenges for island archaeologists and Mediterranean specialists.

ILSE SCHOEP : This is one of the most important monographs that has appeared in the field of Cycladic archaeology. It formulates and answers fundamental questions about the structure and organisation of early Cycladic society and culture in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age as well as presenting new data.


→ L'Antiquité classique, 73, 2004, pp. 569-571 [en ligne]
CONTENT Prologue : islands of “ prehistory ”

Whither island archaeology ?
Cycladic approaches
Islands, people and seafaring
The dawn treaders
Cultures of colonisation
Small worlds
Which islands in the stream ?
Paint, paddles and the politics of value
Ulysses without sails
An altered archipelago
The emergence of Minoan dominance
Cycladic archaeology as island archaeology
  • « The making of the Middle Sea : a history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the emergence of the classical world », Oxford : Oxford university press, 2013

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