Bob Shacochis

The immaculate invasion


Londres, 1999

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The immaculate invasion / Bob Shacochis. - London : Bloomsbury, 1999. - XII-408 p. : map ; 20 cm. - (Bloomsbury paperbacks).
ISBN 0-7475-4529-4
NOTE DE L'ÉDITEUR : An eyewitness account of the 1994 invasion and occupation of Haiti, of American soldiers employed in a strange war zone « where there are no friends and no enemies, no front or rear, no victories and likewise, no defeats, and no true endings ». From the Pentagon's war room to the bitter infighting in the dangerously divided US embassy in Port-au-Prince and its on again/off again relationship with terrorists, Bob Shacochis chronicles what the military calls OTW (operations other than war).

From his eighteen months in the field in Haiti, where he lived with a team of Special Forces commandos, Shacochis brings the reader the timeless stories of soldiers, their exploits, their frustrations, their inner lives as well as their heroic deeds, as they struggle to bring democracy to a country ravaged by tyranny.
ROBERT LAWLESS (Wichita State University) : Shacochis is a terrific writer, and this book is fun to read. I'm not sure, however, how much of it should be taken seriously. It isn't the book of a scholar, and it has no documentation. The story is, of course, more about Shacochis in Haiti than about Haiti itself. Secondarily it is about the Americans in Haiti who came with the September 1994 pseudo-invasion and occupation that were supposed to restore democracy. Haitians themselves appear as a supporting cast-often in mobs, unruly and comic.


In general Shacochis's impressions of the American operation in Haiti are correct. In Port-au-Prince, for example, it was obvious that the U.S. military was there to protect the well-heeled elites up on the mountainside from the wrath of a million poor people in the slums below, whom the troops had ostensibly come to liberate (p. 134). In the countryside units such as the one in LimbE9 had little idea of what they were supposed to do and little guidance from their rule-driven military superiors.


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