David W. Forbes

Hawaiian national bibliography, 1780-1900 (Vol. 1) 1780-1900

University of Hawai'i press

Honolulu, 1999
bibliothèque insulaire


parutions 1999
Hawaiian national bibliography, 1780 - 1900 (Vol. 1) 1780-1830 / compiled and annotated by David W. Forbes. - Honolulu : University of Hawai'i press, 1999. - 552 p.
ISBN 0-8248-2042-8
NOTE DE L'ÉDITEUR : This comprehensive, annotated, multivolume bibliography is a record of all printed works touching on some aspect of the political, religious, cultural, or social history of the Hawaiian islands — from the first printed notice mentioning the islands (in a German periodical of January 1780) to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the islands ceased to be a separate political entity.

Volume I covers the period from 1780 to 1830, when exploratory voyages to the northern Pacific had largely concluded and the arrival of improved printing equipment in the islands resulted in a substantial increase in the number of works printed by the Mission Press in Honolulu.

In addition to books and pamphlets, the bibliography includes newspaper and periodical accounts and single sheet publications such as broadsides, circulars, playbills, and handbills because they often contain the only eyewitness or contemporary description of an important event or individual.

Entries pertaining to Captain Cook's Third Voyage dominate the first twenty years of the bibliography. They reflect the profound impact of the voyage on both the Hawaiian culture and on nineteenth-century European thought.

Extensive annotations provide a brief summary of approximately 760 published works in the first volume of the bibliography. All known editions of each work are listed, together with the exact title, date of publication, size of the volume, collation of pages, number and type of plates and maps, references, and location of copies.

David W. Forbes has had many years of experience with the pictorial and written history of the Pacific. He has been in the rare book field for thirty years, specializing in voyages and travels to the Pacific. He is the author of Encounters with Paradise : Views of Hawaii and Its People, 1778-1941 (UH Press, 1992) and numerous short articles and essays.
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