John Mitchel

Jail journal, or, Five years in British prisons

Woodstock books

Otley (West Yorkshire), 1996

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Jail journal, or, Five years in British prisons [facsim. of ed. published in Glasgow : Cameron & Ferguson, 1876] / John Mitchel ; introd. by John Kelly . - Otley (West Yorkshire) : Woodstock books, 1996. - VIII-320 p. ; 21 cm. - (Hibernia).
ISBN 1-85477-218-X
NOTE DE L'ÉDITEUR : John Mitchel (1815-75) took a degree in law at Trinity College, Dublin, and worked in a solicitor's office in Co. Down where he came into conflict with the Orange Order. He sympathised with the Young Irelanders and moved to Dublin in 1845 to become a chief contributor to The Nation. Always a radical, he grew more extreme in his views after the onset of the Famine and under the influence of Fintan Lalor, breaking with his moderate colleagues in 1847 to found The United Irishman. His articles for this were so outspoken that he was tried on charges of sedition in 1848 and transported to Australia. In 1853 he escaped to the USA, where he became a farmer in Tennessee, supported the Confederacy in the Civil War, and denounced the Fenians. He returned to Ireland in 1874 and was elected MP for North Tipperary, but unseated as an undischarged felon. He died during a second election in which he was again successful.

THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO LITERATURE IN ENGLISH ✳ : Mitchel, John (1815-75). Irish patriot writer. […] In 1842 he met Thomas Davis, joined O'Connell's Repeal Association in 1843, and by 1845 was writing for the Young Ireland paper The Nation. More republican and anti-British than his associates, he founded his own more extreme paper, The United Irishman, in 1848. Soon afterwards he was arrested and convicted of treason. Sentenced to transportation, he was taken to Bermuda, South Africa and, finally, Tasmania, whence he escaped to the USA in 1853. All these experiences were recorded in his most famous work, the Jail Journal (1854), which registers his quarrel not merely with British policy but with the economic triumphalism, as he saw it, of British civilization.

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Extracts from Jail journal by John Mitchel

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