Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk

Paradise reviewed : an interpretation of Gauguin's polynesian symbolism

University of Michigan research press

Ann Arbor, 1983

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Paradise reviewed : an interpretation of Gauguin's Polynesian symbolism / Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk. - Ann Arbor (Michigan) : UMI research press, 1983. - XI-303 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. - (Studies in the fine arts : The avant-garde, 31)
ISBN 0-83571-334-2
DEBORAH WAITE : Paradise Reviewed, in the words of its author, « intends to show that Gauguin's work during the ten years he lived in French Polynesia … are … not only reliable but at the same time beautiful documents of sensitivity and insight into the culture of French Polynesia ». This monograph also is a document of sensitivity and insight.
Previous authors have noted the existence of Polynesian design motifs in Gauguin's art, but perhaps none have so successfully shown the multidimensional way in which Gauguin's interests in Tahitians and a Tahitian awareness of life enhanced his own theosophical interests and made his art so much more than one that merely borrowed designs, ideas, and concepts from the art and the people around him. It is the integration of Polynesian phenomena with Javanese figure types, images of the Buddha, and Christian inconography (together with various aspects of Buddhism and Christianity) that makes his art, and the effects of his Polynesian exposure, unique.

Pacific Studies, Vol. 8, n° 1 (1984)
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ZIVA AMISHAI-MAISELS : Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk a déclaré simplement que pendant le premier voyage [de Gauguin en Polynésie] il a été un romantique et pendant le deuxième un réaliste, mais elle n'a pas expliqué les raisons d'être qui ont causé cette différence. Elle a essayé aussi de montrer que Gauguin s'est vu comme un anthropologiste laïque pendant son deuxième voyage, mais cette opinion est problématique et n'explique pas suffisamment les différences dans sa vie et ses œuvres entre les deux voyages.

« Gauguin, visiteur ou résident ? », in Rencontres Gauguin à Tahiti,, Papeete, 1989 (n. 1, p. 77)

JehanneTeilhet-Fisk (1939-2002) was a professor at Florida State University, specializing in Non-Western Art History, with a strong anthropological focus. In addition to field trips in West Africa and studies on American folk art, she conducted numerous field trips with students to Tonga, Aotearoa/New Zealand and Tahiti. — (Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania)
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