Haiti : A slave revolution, 200 years after 1804

International action center

New York, 2004

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Haiti : a slave revolution, 200 years after 1804 / ed. by Pat Chin. - New York : International action center, 2004. - XIII-223 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-9747521-0-X

DESCRIPTION : The Haitian Revolution is a singular event in history. Never before or since has an enslaved people risen up, broken their chains, and established a new state. Haiti was a beacon of hope and inspiration to the enslaved Africans of the United States.

Haiti's history has been turbulent, but not for the reasons given by mainstream historians. Racism underlies their charges that the first black republic lacks « democratic traditions » and is prone to violence.

Drawing from a wide range of authors, experts, and historical texts, this book challenges these stereotypes and counters 200 years of cultural myths. It exposes disinformation about Haiti from the 18th century until today. Above all, it reveals the intertwined relationship between the United States and Haiti, and the untold stories of the Haitian people's resistance to U.S. aggression and occupations.

Chronology / Timeline
Haiti's agonies and exaltations, Ramsey Clark
Photo essay on Haiti, selected by Pat Chin

Part I — Haiti in History
  • Thank you Dessalines, Félix Morisseau-Leroy
  • Haiti needs reparations, not sanctions, Pat Chin
  • Haiti's impact on USA — ' voodoo ' & textbooks, Greg Dunkel
  • Cuba, Haiti and John Brown — to rebel is justified, Sara Flounders
  • Lecture on Haiti, Frederick Douglass
  • The birth of the Haitian flag — its heroic history, Fleurimond W. Kerns
  • U.S. boycotts against Haiti — from 1806 to 2003, Greg Dunkel
Part II — Aristide's election
  • The only way — to the memory of Jacques Roumain, Paul Laraque
  • PVN interview with Ray Laforest — role of labor movement, Johnnie Stevens
  • Aristide's crushing victory — despite Bazin's maneuvers, Haïti-Progrès staff
  • Carter's attempt to intimidate Aristide, Haïti-Progrès staff
  • Aristide : the people's candidate — 1990 interview, Haïti-Progrès staff
Part III — After the 2nd U.S. occupation
  • Reign of a human race, Paul Laraque
  • No greater shame — how Haitian boat-people are treated, Edwige Danticat
  • The longest day, Stan Goff
  • Class analysis of a crisis — current situation in Haiti, Kim Ives
  • Haitians : a political and class-conscious people, Maude Le Blanc
  • Haitian struggle for freedom, Mumia Abu Jamal
  • Review of a review — answering recent distorsions, Kim Ives
  • The struggle of Haitian workers — in Boston, Steve Gillis & Frantz Mendes
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