Eva Bourke and Borbála Faragó (ed.)

Landing places : immigrant poets in Ireland

Dedalus press

Dublin, 2010

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parutions 2010
Landing places : immigrant poets in Ireland / ed., with an introduction, by Eva Bourke and Borbála Faragó. - Dublin : Dedalus press, 2010. - XXV-239 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
ISBN 978-1-906614-21-8
Together we will renew the face of this extraordinary emerging new Ireland.

President of Ireland, Mary McAleese
Epigraph, p. XVII

: As its subtitle suggests, Landing Places is an anthology of immigrant poets living in Ireland. Of course it is not accidental that we, as editors, should be interested in and absorbed by the work of such writers since it touches upon our own personal lives. Both of us are ourselves immigrants to this country, and both of us are poets. Both of our families have a narrative of displacement, emigration, religious and political persecution reflecting centuries of a European history of war, expulsions, racism and ethnic cleansing. We know that, whether voluntary or forced, it is never easy to end one life and begin another elsewhere, leaving family and friends, one's familiar places and the sounds of one's language behind.

This anthology hopes to draw attention to the diverse poetic output of Ireland's immigrant communities and to open the way to similar future ventures. These poetic voices are not marginal, but are at the very heart of what shapes Irishness today. Julia Kristeva calls the foreigner the « hidden face of our identity » — the « other » within us who makes us face our own diversity. Our fruitful cultural co-existence is crucial for the development of an integrated multi-ethnic society within Ireland. The picture that emerges from these poems suggests that there is a strong new cultural space which is occupied by the immigrant imagination. President Mary McAleese's hope that Ireland will become « a common homeland where people can be fully and absolutely themselves and yet share a common future » is manifest in many of these works. In the President's words, together we will renew the face of Ireland.

Introduction, pp. XVII and XXV
Souvent désignée comme une terre d'émigration, l'Irlande est également terre d'immigration et d'accueil — terre ouverte. En témoigne l'anthologie réunie par Eva Bourke et Borbála Faragó qui juxtapose des textes de 66 poètes « étrangers », établis durablement ou provisoirement en Irlande. Elles et ils sont originaires des Etats-Unis d'Amérique et du Royaume Uni — ce sont les plus nombreux — mais également de l'Europe continentale (Allemagne, Espagne, Italie, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Roumanie, Tchécoslovaquie, URSS), d'Afrique (Afrique du Sud, Angola, Nigeria, Zimbabwe) et d'Asie (Inde, Japon). Ils écrivent en anglais et même, pour l'un d'entre eux (Andreas Vogel, né en 1970 à Bochum) en gaëlique. Dans l'ensemble se mêlent inextricablement les traces de l'origine, celles du présent, et l'appel d'un horizon encore à découvrir.

L'introduction d'Eva Bourke (née en Allemagne) et de Borbála Faragó (née en Hongrie) s'interroge sur l'apport de ces nouveaux venus à la littérature et, plus généralement, à la culture irlandaise : « This anthology (…) is not intended as a sociological survey of resident immigrant groups in the country, neither is it a showcase of all of Ireland's cultural diversity. Rather, it is a window, a glimpse into a sharp and new poetic space produced by the joining, and sometimes collision, of Irish experience and immigrant perspective » (Introduction, p. XXII).

Aucun de ces « poètes immigrants » ne vient de France — sinon Landa Wo, originaire d'Angola né à Saint-Etienne et qui s'est déterminé à quitter un pays où toutes les portes se fermaient :

I am a poet in exile searching
For a new breath
p. 222
CONTRIBUTORS Chris Agee, Peter Oliver Arnds, Celeste Augé, Denise Blake, Megan Buckley, Sandra Bunting, Kristina Camilleri, Anamaria Crowe Serrano, Kinga Elwira Cybulska, Kathryn Daily, Carla De Tona, Annie Deppe, Theodore Deppe, Gabriel Ezutah, Lisa Frank, Matthew Geden, John Givens, Paul Grattan, Shane Guthrie, Mirela Nicoleta Hincianu, Joseph Horgan, Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa, Paul Jeffcutt, Enrique Juncosa, Matt Kirkham, Chuck Kruger, Anatoly Kurdryavitsky, Slavek Kwi, Paul Maddern, Nyaradzo Masunda , Jennifer Matthews, Clare McDonnell, Irma Mento, Susan Millar DuMars, Judith Mok, Panchali Mukherji, Mary Mullen, Pete Mullineaux, Tom Myp, Chris Nikkel, Daniel O’Donoghue, Kinga Olszewska, Julia Piera, Hajo Quade, Ursula Rani Sarma, Mark Roper, Judy Russell, Eckhardt Schmidt, Jo Slade, Tiziana Soverino, Raphael Josef Stachniss, Lisa Steppe, Richard Tillinghast, Eriko Tsugawa-Madden, Rose Tuelo Brock, Andreas Vogel, Maria Wallace, Cliff Wedgebury, Grace Wells, Sally Wheeler, Sabine Wichert, Landa Wo, Rachel Audrey Wyatt, Adam Wyeth, Alex Wylie and Ann Zell.
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