Nicholas Grene

The politics of Irish drama : plays in context from Boucicault to Friel

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge, 2000

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parutions 2000
The politics of Irish drama : plays in context from Boucicault to Friel / Nicholas Grene. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 2000. - 330 p. ; 23 cm.
ISBN 0-521-66536-1

DESCRIPTION : In this book Nicholas Grene explores political contexts for some of the outstanding Irish plays from the nineteenth century to the contemporary period. The politics of Irish drama have previously been considered primarily the politics of national self-expression.

Here it is argued that Irish plays, in their self-conscious representation of the otherness of Ireland, are outwardly directed towards audiences both at home and abroad. The political dynamics of such relations between plays and audiences is the book's multiple subject : the stage interpretation of Ireland from « The Shaughraun » [Dion Boucicault] to « Translations » [Brian Friel] ; the contentious stage images of Yeats, Gregory and Synge ; reactions to revolution from O'Casey to Behan ; the post-colonial worlds of « Purgatory » [Yeats] and « All that Fall » [Beckett] ; the imagined Irelands of Friel and Murphy, McGuinness and Barry. With its fundamental reconception of the politics of Irish drama, this book represents a new view of the phenomenon of Irish drama itself.

❙ Nicholas Grene is professor of English literature at Trinity College, Dublin ; he has lectured widely on Irish literature and is the author of Synge : A Critical Study of the Plays (1975), Shakespeare, Jonson, Molière : The Comic Contract (1980), Bernard Shaw : A Critical View (1984) and Shakespeare's Tragic Imagination (1992).

CONTENTS Chronology ;
Acknowledgements ;

Introduction ;
1. Stage interpreters ;
2. Strangers in the house ;
3. Shifts in perspective ;
4. Class and space in O'Casey ;
5. Reactions to revolution ;
6. Living on ;
7. Versions of pastoral ;
8. Murphy's Ireland ;
9. Imagining the other ;
Conclusion : a world elsewhere ;

Notes ;
Bibliography ;

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