Nicholas Thomas & Diane Losche (ed.)

Double vision : art histories and colonial histories in the Pacific

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge, 1999

littératures insulaires

peintres des îles

parutions 1999

Double vision : art histories and colonial histories in the Pacific / ed. by Nicholas Thomas and Diane Losche ; assistant editor, Jennifer Newell. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 1999. - XII-289 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
ISBN 0-521-64341-4

DESCRIPTION : Taking as its departure point Bernard Smith's classic study, « European vision and the south Pacific » (1960), « Double vision » explores the ambivalences of european perceptions of the Pacific and juxtaposes them with the indigenous visual cultures that challenge western assumptions about art and representation.

« Double vision » addresses these larger interpretive questions through case studies of the cultures of voyages, colonial art, and indigenous affirmations of identity. It suggests that images and texts can be combined through a new practice of innovative, visually oriented cultural history.

This approach yields a fresh understanding of history, colonialism and culture in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. « Double vision » is a challenging combination of visual and textual inquiry, and its outstanding list of contributors offer a fresh perspective on art and history in the Pacific.


Introduction : Nicholas Thomas;

Part I. Voyages :
1. Reimagining Juan Fernandez : probability, possibility and pretence in the South Seas (Jonathan Lamb) ;
2. Images of monarchy : Kamehameha I and the art of (Harry Liebersohn) ;
3. Art as ethnohistorical text : science, representation and indigenous presence in 18th and 19th century oceanic voyage (Bronwen Douglas) ;

Part II. Colonies :
4. The penitentiary as paradise (Michael Rosenthal) ;
5. Under Saturn : melancholy and the colonial imagination (Ian McLean) ;
6. Looking at : face to face with 'All 'e Same t'e Pakeha' (Leonard Bell) ;

Part III. Imaginings Beyond Colonialism :
7. Voices beyond the Pae (Robert Jahnke) ;
8. The importance of birds : or, the relationship between art and anthropology reconsidered (Diane Losche) ;

Part IV. Counter-Colonial Imaginings :
9. Past present : the local art of colonial quotation (Joan Kerr) ;
10. Australian icons : notes on perception (Gordon Bennett) ;

Afterword : clumsy Utopians (Peter Brunt).


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